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Let’s just make this as simple as possible: The Barstool Romeos are one of the best honky tonk bands, you’re ever likely to hear. All you need for proof is to give the band’s sophomore disc “Last Call for Heroes” a listen.


Wayne Bledsoe

Longtime Knoxville music journalist and host of the WDVX programs “All Over the Road” and “The 6 O’Clock Swerve”


The Barstool Romeos are an outlaw country rock n roll band from Knoxville, Tennessee. They play original music and an occasional cover in a style that screams “old school.” Songwriters Mike McGill (formerly of White Oak Flats, The Drunk Uncles, Cathouse Prophets) and Andy Pirkle front the band, leaning heavily on their classic country, Bluegrass and rock & roll influences. Bass player Josh Sidman (The Earl Brothers) has roots in classical music and bluegrass, and the newest member on drums, The Marvelous One Mark T. Dunn (George Jones), brings his expertise to the rhythm section. This palette of experience, mixed with the real-life, working-man personas of each band member creates a unique sound that truly speaks to fans and critics.


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Romeo News

Thanks for the new bio Wayne,and all the OJ as well.

Let’s just make this as simple as possible: The Barstool Romeos are one of the...

The new year.

1/20/2018 I tell ya folks it’s been busy here at Romeos HQ we’ve been taking...

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Real country music looking you straight in the eye without blinking. It’s the honest thing. If you hate current country radio, you’ll love these guys.

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The Romeos sound like they’ve been soaked in a barrel of classic country for 20 years and dried off with Elvis’ sweat towel.

Wayne Bledsoe – Knoxville.com

These guys can rock yer sox off & next thing ya know they’re country as fried chicken (and finger lickin’ good too!).

Red Hickey – WDVX

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